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Resort in Krempna

Krempna is a small, quiet village surrounded by the forests of the Low Beskids. It hides its complicated history under the roofs of the old Lemko houses. In the past, mainly Lemkos lived here and it was they who initiated the settlement in this region. However, the difficult history of this area has saved stone chapels, old orchards and beautiful colorful Orthodox churches.

Krempna is located between the hills of the Magura range, it is a unique place for relaxation for people looking not only for peace and quiet, but most of all for natural and historical values. Many trails allow you to see the areas of the former villages that no longer exist, panoramas of the surrounding hills and picturesque sunrises. Here you can experience the most beautiful autumn spectacle of nature, which is the deer rut. Nights resound with the hooting of owls, the dawn buzz with the singing of birds, and during the day you can observe lesser spotted eagles in the sky – one of the largest birds of prey in Poland. It is the eagle that is the symbol of the Magura National Park. 

The Krempna commune is also an extremely rich cultural heritage. It was here that Hungary, Poland and Ruthenia met a long time ago. By traversing the surrounding routes and roads or visiting museums, you can learn the history of Lemkos, Ruthenians, Jews and Roma who once lived here, but also learn the legends of Hungarian merchants and Slovak robbers. In Post-Lemko villages there are invariably old Orthodox churches, stone roadside crosses, and old cemeteries are hidden in the forests. In the vicinity of the park, on the hills, you can find fortified settlements from around the 10th century.

The history of the Polish-Slovak border is also a very brutal war. It was here that the most brutal fights took place, hence the often used name “Death Valley”, for example in the vicinity of Dukla and Chyrowa, stretching all the way to Slovakia. Tanks, cannons and airplanes have been left in the fields as monuments. The Operation Vistula took place here, an extremely difficult experience for many Lemko families who were displaced to the territory of the former USSR. The Jewish cemeteries, where the old matzevot no longer have any inscriptions, as well as the mass graves in which thousands of people are buried, are also surrounded by a sad history.

Krempna and the tiny villages located in its vicinity are very charming. Old huts, cows and sheep grazing in the meadows are pleasing to the eye. Rural life is slow here and you can often feel that time has stopped here. Old orchards glisten with red apples, boletus grow in the forests, and the streams whisper quietly in the cool valleys. We can experience the charms of this area by cycling, hiking or horseback riding. In winter, the ski slopes offer fun skiing, there are also routes for cross-country skiers, and sometimes you can catch a sleigh ride. Various trails run through here, e.g. wooden architecture, the Polish-Slovak bicycle trail and the Main Beskid Trail. During the modernization that has taken place in recent years, tourist sheds were built along the roads and routes where you can stop, rest, enjoy the surroundings or arrange a picnic. You can buy natural products from local farmers, in huts and small local companies you can find interesting goat’s cheeses, e.g. with wild garlic or nuts, as well as delicious preserves or dried herbs and mushrooms.

The headquarters of the Magura National Park is also located in Krempna, along with an educational center and a small museum. In the summer, there are activities for children, short field trips and various games at the Educational Center. This is an interesting option for people who want to go out on the trail for an hour or two, then they can leave their older kids for such classes. These are activities planned in advance by employees of the park and conducted by them. Information is available at the reception and on the website. The building houses a small room in which the animals found in the park are shown, including the largest predators in Poland, lynxes, bears and wolves. Willing people can get to know the nature of the park, different species of trees or see the current exhibition.

Magura is a place where everyone who came here come back, come here once. This place attracts like a magnet, and although it is not thrilling at first glance, there are many interesting facts for a true tourist. After all, as they say, “Beskid Niski is close to my heart” – that’s why we would like to invite you here! 🙂

Worth visiting in the area:

• Lagoon on the Wisłoka River in Krempna (approx. 300 m from the Center): swimming pool, pedal boats rental. • Communal pools (approx. 300 m from the Center). 

• Hiking and biking trails, including: the red Beskid trail, the green trail (Ożenna-Wapienne). • Religious monuments – including: the Greek Catholic church in Krempna (approx. 2 km from the Center), the Austrian cemetery from World War I (approx. 1 km from the Center). 

• Museum of the Magura National Park (approx. 1 km from the Center). 

• Kiczera nature trail in Krempna – a route for a baby (easy route without terrain difficulties, approx. 3 km from the Center). 

• “Rumak” stud in Kotania (approx. 3 km from the Center), offering, among others, horse riding lessons, sleigh rides and horse rallies. 

• The “Mareszka” ski slope in Świątkowa Wielka (approx. 8 km from the Center) and perfectly prepared cross-country ski tracks with a total length of approx. 15 km. 

• Trout fishery and fry shop in Świątkowa Wielka (approx. 5 km from the Center). 

• „Mountain Grzywacka” in Kąty (approx. 10 km from the Center) 

• Restaurant “Pod Małym Laskiem” (approx. 12 km from the Center). 

• Chyrowa Ski Ski Center (approx. 14 km from the Center). 

• Skiing and Family Recreation Center in Krzywa (approx. 20 km from the Center). 

• „Hell stone” Nature Monument and the Magura Waterfall (route approx. 4 km) in Folusz (approx. 20 km from the Center). 

• Archaeological Open-Air Museum ” Carpathian troy” – (approx. 30 km from the Center). • Iwonicz Zdrój health resort (approx. 30 km from the Center). 

• SkiPark Magura – a complex of ski runs located in Małastów in the Low Beskids (approx. 35 km from the Center). 

• Liwocz nature reserve, yellow trail through Liwocz (approx. 40 km from the Center). 

• Rymanów Zdrój health resort – (approx. 40 km from the Center).

• Kamieniec Castle, Korczyna (approx. 50 km from the Center). • Prządki nature reserve (approx. 50 km from the Center).

We offer the possibility of transport by bus

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